Relocating businesses

Integrated support to help your business move

When you relocate your business to East Ayrshire, you benefit from support through the beReady programme.

beReady takes an integrated approach to business development, aiming to help relocating businesses establish themselves quickly and hit the ground running.

Delivered by East Ayrshire Council, this programme can help your organisation make the most of relocating through a combination of workshops, consultancy and financial support.

There are 7 business development themes:

East Ayrshire - infographic

Through the programme, you can attend workshops and one-to-one consultancy sessions. Then, if this identifies a potential project for your business, financial support may be available.

In addition to the main beReady programme, beReady2go delivers short, sharp information sessions. These sessions are aimed at further exploring the business development themes.

We can also help with finding the right premises for your business to relocate, by preparing a customised report of what is available. Please contact us with your requirements or if you prefer, you can search available property yourself.

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There is also a property search facility that can help you find the premises that are right for your business.

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Hear for yourself some success stories from East Ayrshire businesses, and discover why they thrive here.

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