Why East Ayrshire?

A great place to do business, a great place to live.

East Ayrshire birds eye view

East Ayrshire has the support, people and connections your business needs.

Be part of a diverse and welcoming business community. Discover a workforce with a hard-working heritage, supported by switched-on schools and colleges.

East Ayrshire is perfectly placed, both for fast transport and digital links. There is excellent access by road, rail, sea and air and excellent broadband coverage.

Here, you are 30 minutes from Glasgow and just 55 minutes from Edinburgh. But look around you and take in the rolling beauty of Scotland’s natural scenery.

East Ayrshire has a strong sense of community, with good schools and housing that is attractive and affordable. It all means you and your employees can enjoy an excellent quality of life.

East Ayrshire - location


East Ayrshire combines all the modern facilities you would expect from an urban environment with beautiful countryside within easy reach.

East Ayrshire - workforce


Good employees are at the heart of an ambitious and forward-thinking business community, and East Ayrshire offers a workforce that is both hard-working and loyal.

East Ayrshire - education


In East Ayrshire we take education seriously: our future success depends on having people with the right skills and knowledge.

East Ayrshire - transport

Transport links

Fast road and rail transport, ferry access to Ireland and placed between two international airports means that East Ayrshire has the national and international connections you want – whether your ambitions are local or global.

East Ayrshire - digital

Digital connectivity

That is why East Ayrshire has worked with the Scottish Government to invest in digital connections – creating an infrastructure that means communities can benefit from next generation broadband.

East Ayrshire - heritage


One of the keys to East Ayrshire’s hardworking, innovative workforce is the area’s heritage. The area has been an important trading centre for centuries, thanks to its central location and transport connections.