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In East Ayrshire we understand your ambition for your business.

After all, business drives our success – because when you succeed, it benefits the whole area. That is why we are committed to bringing new businesses to East Ayrshire, helping established enterprises do even better and creating an environment where start-ups can really take off.
This is where you can find out more about East Ayrshire, including the wealth of business support available. Perhaps you would like to know more about commercial property, or how other businesses benefit from being in East Ayrshire.
This site covers all these subjects and more. So it is now easier than ever to find out what you need to know about East Ayrshire. And of course, if you need more detailed information on anything, we can tell you how to find it.

About East Ayrshire

Hear from some of the most successful businesses in East Ayrshire who explain why they love East Ayrshire

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Why East Ayrshire?

Find out what makes East Ayrshire stand out as a business location and why it’s right for you.

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East Ayrshire - Business Support

Support for your business success

From advice and financial help to a welcoming business community, East Ayrshire offers an outstanding network of support.

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East Ayrshire - Food and Drink

Food and Drink

Woody’s Ice Cream: read more


Scot Seat Group: read more
East Ayrshire - Retail


Games Centre: read more
East Ayrshire  - tourism


Etruria Townhouse: read more
Niche Sectors

Niche Sectors

Kays Scotland: read more
East Ayrshire - textiles


Lochaven International: read more

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